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DCI George Kinoti subscribes to PCAK membership as DCI No.001

DCI,PCAK officials and PCEA team after viewing the capacity of Kirk TV station and being oriented by Rev

22nd to June 24th PCAK International Workshop. Participation costs, Bonafide PCAK members - KES. 3000, Non-Bonafide PCAK Members - Kes. 4500, Bank A/c. 01134174178300. Mpesa Paybill steps: 1. Go to MPESA, 2. Paybill 400222: A/c No(01134174178300), 427054#Put your name or ID number without spacing, 3. Amount - KES 3000 or Kes. 4500 depending on your category, 4. Your MPESA pin. For further details contact PCAK Treasurer Joe a Karuri on 0723219731


We aim to set a foundation based on trust.



We are upfront  and visible in the actions that we take.



We guide and facilitate you to make positive impact in the society

Promoting Effective and Efficient professional Legal Services

PCAK is the first professional body in Eastern and Central Africa to recognize the criminology profession where we endeavor to contribute to the broader transformation of Kenya and the Kenyan society through equity, endorsement of values enriched in the Kenyan institution where we promote security professionals via innovations



Competency Assessment and certification of criminologists and award of RCrim Titles

Criminal Investigations training and crime news alerts and the following actions

Mentorship of criminology, criminal justice and security studies students.

Providing a business approach to legal services where everyone

should realize their constitutional rights equally


We are focused on providing our clients with the highest level of quality and customer.

As an association, we also seek to work closely with other recognized security agencies across East Africa and with other associations across the world whose objectives are parallel to those of PCAK.

Message from our Chairman


Munene Mugambi, MSc, CFE, OPSA RCrim

(PCAK Concept initiator & Founding Chairman).

Greetings. It gives me irresistible pleasure as I welcome you into this website for the fundamental reason that it is you and that other good person out there that our great organization, opens its doors so that you can enhance our great dream of PCAK, which is to be a global professional body of Criminologists existing to promote effective and efficient professional services.

The mandatory demand by employment sectors for employees to belong to a professional body that meets the legal and professional accreditation is a command that can never be resisted.

With this missing for the criminologists in this vibrant Nation -Kenya, for a long period, it became mandatory that this body, the Professional Criminologists Association of Kenya (PCAK), be established. Kenya, being a multi-ethnic nation and strategically placed for global focus in economy and humanitarian development, is often targeted by terrorism and other criminal activities. Negative Ethnicity is a threat we cannot ignore, as well. All this call for very professional services in crime control and security management.